Custom T-shirt Design Tips for Your Wedding Party Favors: 10 Most Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Who would not want to have a great T-shirt design? Everyone would love to wear an exceptional shirt that would make them wear it countless times. In order for you to design an amazing shirt, what are the things to consider? What are the dos and don’ts to avoid ruining your t-shirt?

1. Size Matters

One of the most necessary things to consider in designing your shirt is the design’s size. A lot of people often tend to go with standard sizing. Keep in mind that size should be decided according to the design’s nature and the garment’s properties. Your design’s shape can also affect the sizing. Some shapes look larger than they should.

2. Design Placement

The design placement is often merged with the location. Placement is the particular measurement of where to stamp the design within the location. If your design is placed in the wrong area, your shirt will be unappealing. A usual flaw is the belly print, which is so unpleasant to see.

3. Fonts and Typography

You should remember a single rule in typography, “never use more than 3 different fonts in a design”. The font you use conveys a lot about your design. This brings out ideas and emotions you want others to see. There are standard fonts that would work just fine in everything. Explore your choices well.

4. Design Composition

The design elements of your shirt for your wedding party favors should be arranged in relation to each other. One of the usual errors regarding the elements is they are too spaced out and off-balance. You can improve this when you research from several resources online. Be sure to follow the tips to enhance your shirt’s design composition.

5. Picture Quality

This is one of the most often problems encountered in shirt printing, the quality of the image that the customer submitted is low in resolution. In order for the printing service to give you a quality type of shirt, you have to provide them with a high-resolution image with at least 200 dpi or higher at full size.

6. Color Choices

Your design’s choice of color is one of the most essential things you should consider, not only in terms of design but also its cost. The more colors you add, the more expensive your shirt would be if screen printed. But if you’re printing directly-to-garment, then you don’t need to consider budgeting for the design’s colors.

7. Color Contrast

Contrast is the degree of how dark or light the parts of your image are. The goal isn’t to apply the highest contrast possible. Your image is fine if it has a low contrast look. Take note that there is a difference between low contrast and no contrast. It is not recommended to use Navy on black shirts, Ice Gray inks on whites.

8. Color Inversion

When printing white-colored inks on black garments, color inversion is something usual that needs to be done. If your image is not inverted properly, the resulting photo would look like an x-ray. Doing this can be a little tricky, but if you are unsure of your results, better ask an expert for the best result.

9.Design Complexity

It is said that the human eye can only process a particular amount of information at once. This also applies to your shirt. You are usually moving thus; the viewer has a limited time looking at your t-shirt’s design. Stop making a chaotic design for your shirt. You’ll make it hard for people to identify what’s on your t-shirt.

10. Photo Borders, Masks & Edges

Who wants to wear a boring shirt from 24hourwristbands custom tshirts? A photo with plain edges looks too dull and unimaginative. You can try to put a border or edges in that simple photograph of yours. If you don’t want a plain square border as your shirt’s print, you can try using a “mask” that offers various shapes you can pick from.

Be a head-turner with your amazing designed t-shirts. Follow these tips from above so you can have the best-designed shirts to wear.