Custom Coffee Mug Gift Guide: The Perfect Mug for Each One on Your List

The past year has left everyone at home loving the fact that no boss is going to judge them for wearing their pajamas while working. And while the rest of the world is enjoying the work-from-home setup, a year of lockdown can be very draining.

You’re not the only one feeling the dullness of your work station; your friends have the same sentiment, too. One of the ways to spice up a workspace is to add personal items – starting from a simple coffee mug. If you haven’t found the right mug yet, here is a gift guide to help you out.

1. For the one who can’t stop eating sweets

As if you need another reminder that you have to get that dose of sugar, this mug says it all. Or rather, it just shows you a mouthwatering stack of donuts.

2. For the horror movie addict

Sometimes you wonder how your friend can ever take scary movies. While you don’t want to find out how, here’s a gift you can just give to feed their horror obsession.

3. For the one who can’t stop waiting for Christmas

Whatever season it is, Christmas is always around the corner. It looks distant from now but it’ll come without a doubt!

4. For the best employee and boss of the household

Raise your hand if you had no idea that doing house chores, cooking, doing laundry, sweeping the floor, and so many other things take so much time and effort. Apparently, that’s what your mom does so it’s time to show a little appreciation.

5. For the future sculptor

Learned some pottery over the lockdown? Here’s a cute mug that has a very natural-looking shape.

6. For the home fitness guru

There’s at least one friend who has gone full-on fitness guru over the course of the lockdown.

7. For the meme lords

Can’t get enough of memes? Here’s another one for you.

8. For the forever besties

Miss your best friend? Show how much you miss them with this sweet BFF mug.

9. For the ones missing Fashion Week

Whether you’re a Chanel girl, part of the Gucci gang, or simply a Devil Wears Prada fan, this simple but elegant mug from Imprint is sure to make you miss Fashion Week even more. Don’t worry, there are still digital spaces to get your fashion week fix!

10. For the cat lady

After Taylor Swift made it look like being a cat lady is pretty cool, everyone else started loving cats a lot more than a decade ago. Here’s a mug to remind you to always play with your cat even if you’re so busy staying on your computer.

11. For the dog whisperer

Everyone else thinks like they’re their own dog’s whisperer. If you’re just so in love with dogs, here’s some custom mugs that takes your obsession to the next level.

12. For the ones who need The Force

Feeling tired? Here, let the force be with you. Kidding aside, this Baby Yoda mug is just the sweetest reminder that you can overcome your day with a cup of coffee.

13. For the astrology junkie

Is it Virgo season yet? Whatever your zodiac sign is, here’s a mug that fits any kind of personality.

14. For the Super Mario brother (or sister)

No going out means there’s more time to play video games! This is the best mug for your friend who would rather stay all night playing Super Mario than having a video call with friends.

15. For the new breed of minimalists

Hate patterns and fluff? This is a no-fuss mug that will surely pique your minimalist dreams.

16. For the artist inside of you

Everyone is an artist, one way or another. If you need any reminder that it’s time to get creative, here’s the mug for you!

17. For the ‘90s kid

Don’t you just wish to go back to the ‘90s where everything else was simpler? Here’s a throwback for you.

18. For the one who would rather get their nose stuck in a book

Feeling a little like Belle in the Beauty and the Beast? This mug will be your best companion when you get cozied up and ready to read a book for the whole afternoon.

19. For the plant lover

Nothing beats seeing your own plant bloom some flowers or fruits. Here’s a little reminder to water your babies.